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PAPA Alliance team is a family of like minded people working together in love and service to American and the entire human family

Chief phil lane

Director of Economic Affairs


Ssemakula Luyima

Director of Economic Affairs

Dr Ken. G. Morka

PAPA Alliance South Africa. WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR at World Peace Tracts. Chaplain/Humanitarian/Researcher/Entrepreneur.

Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D

Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D

Visionary Business Consulting, Mindset Alchemist, Spiritual Counselling for Leaders and Executives International Motivational Speaker

Gerald Vambire

Church leadership is not an end to itself but a means to the end who is Jesus Christ

Vino Govender

Tax Practitioner at Certification Services SA LA Consulting Services – Director


Media Spokesperson

Kamal El-Hajji BEM

Former Serjeant-at-Arms UK Parliament

Oussama Larhnimi

développement commercial

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