Our Principals

Treat Others as You Wish to be treated

Our struggle is just and right. Our ways are peaceful, loving and inclusive of all races, ethnicity, colors, religions and cultures. Our methods are legal and transparent.

The Human race comes in all sizes, colours, languages, creeds, cultures and religions, and yet with all of our differences we are more alike than we are different. The one thing that binds us all together stronger than any differences, is the desire for FREEDOM! And a SERVANT GOVERNMENT!

Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world, blessed with the greatest treasures that the world has to offer and rather than making Africans prosperous, it has made us a target for exploitation and annihilation.

Africa, while it is a continent, is often referred to as a country because we are one people and we respect the land from which we came. We are blessed with the richest continent on the planet, and while we have the most gold we have no money, we have the longest river in the world and no drinking water in our homes. We have the largest arable lands in the world and our families are starving. 

Only as one continent, and one people united for Freedom, equality and respect shall we be able to end the injustice by the world committed against Africa