The Problems Challenging Africa can only be solved with Pan African Unity.

War & Conflict

Africa is strife with war and conflict perpetuated by outsiders for the purpose of stealing the wealth of Africa. The African continent is the most war torn on earth for many generations.

Poverty & Misery

Africa is the richest continent, and while we have the most gold and poor, we have the longest river in the world and no drinking water in our homes. We have the largest arable lands in the world and our families are starving. 

Exploitation and Corruption

Western countries depend on the natural resources that exist in abundance throughout Africa. Developed countries have depended on and continue to exploit Africa for her resources.


The African people have undergone many genocide attempts. France has just admitted without apology or compensation their role in the Rwandan Genocide. Now Bill Gates with his Depopulation Injection for COVID 19

COVID 19 Coronavirus

The African people are faced with a world response to COVID that is deadly and financially ruinous. Lockdowns are a violation of human rights and there is no science that it works. Furthermore COVID cases are based upon a fraudulent PCR test. The people of Africa and their leaders must stand against a world depopulation agenda against Africa via a poison injection illegally labeled a vaccine.

Political Division

After 20 years the African Union has failed its mission to bring peace, unity and solidarity of African states. A Pan African Alliance of experts in the fields of international trade and finance will save Africa Billions in lost revenue.