A Sampling of some of the Issues PAPA has in Focus


PAPA Alliance

PAPA Alliance

includes all of the local indigenous people with respect for their Chiefs Kings Tribes Cultures and ways. We are Pan African Patriots
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We unite for freedom

No Lockdowns

We Pledge Freedom
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We will make Africa wealthy


As one African Alliance PAPA will negotiate all african export resources with an Africa first agenda
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Human Rights

Life liberty dominion

Inalienable Rights

Granted by Our Creator. No government gave us these rights and no government has the authority to take them
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Servant Government

Servant Government

We believe that most things can be done better cheaper and more efficiently by the private sector
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Family Values

Strong Families

PAPA Families

We believe that families are the building blocks of society and PAPA will support strong families

End Injections

Stop Coerced Jabs

Nuremberg II

PAPA holds to the Nuremberg Codes and will end coerced injections by government and the private sector.
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Stop 5G

End 5G hazards

End 5G

5G is high energy radiation that is used to track everything including all plants animals and humans
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