PAPA Alliance platform


PAPA is a Pan African Political Alliance that includes all of the local indegenous people with respect for their Chiefs Kings Tribes Cultures and ways. This movement will sweep the continent and the world with these principles and pledges of Life, Liberty, Respect, Equality, local governance and the sharing of resources by the local indigenous populations and the exposure and cessation of the perpetrators of exploitation, death, corruption and instability. The symbol of the Black Hand pointing to heaven on a Red Hexagram is the most powerful symbol on earth that will catapult the movement upwards and strike terror in the enemies of freedom and humanity.

Together as pan African Patriots united we will stand victorious against a corrupt world system that seeks to subjugate the African people with poison “vaccine” injections and the destruction of African food with the West’s abominations of genetically modified plants and animals.

Africa contains the largest mineral deposits of any continent in the world. This wealth has been used to power and fuel the entire world except for Africa itself, rather her people have suffered generations of war misery and instability perpetrated by outside robber barons who come to steal Africa’s resources, pollute her environment and enslave her people. As one continent as one people as one and African peoples alliance we Will have The power and authority needed to end this cycle of exploitation and restore respect to the African continent and people.

Africa is blessed with the largest agricultural lands in the world that are capable of producing crops all year around and sit idle.
PAPA will cultivate the Agricultural lands of Africa with organic crops respecting the land and conserving the natural genetic heritage.
PAPA will ensure a certain percentage of all the produce of Africa remains in Africa guaranteeing food availability diversity and affordability.

All Nations Come to PAPA

Papa invites all people from all countries of all backgrounds, cultures and political persuasions to rise up with us in a world movement that will bring justice to Africa, freedom to humanity and self respect for being part of the solution to end the generations of injustice against the people of Africa.

Africa will lead the world to freedom and we ask that the world who supports us will stand with us no matter where you are and become a pan African patriot and become a human patriot.

The pan African peoples alliance and the Upwards movement holds out its hand of friendship and support to all countries and seeks to establish political, technological, defensive, economic and cultural cooperation.

LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSWe believe in the affirmed human rights and government restrictions as espoused in the United States Constitution and pledge to uphold them. We believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we pledge that we shall restore to humanity all of their natural freedoms and to never coerce nor mandate lockdowns, masks, or any kind of injections, injestibles or medical treatment for any reason or non-reason.

Government shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
We belIeve the government has no authority to create a state religion nor to restrict any religious groups from participating in government and the electoral process.
We believe in the freedom of speech of any kind except that which can cause physical harm or incites violence. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater unless there is a fire.
We believe that there should be no corporate consolidation of media outlets and that ownership should be broken up and highly restricted to avoid the current media monopolies.
We believe in a neutral financial system, internet, and digital public squares that guarantee the free flow of information, ideas and services and that does not discriminate based on speech or beliefs of any kind. We believe Individual exemptions for religious or moral objections should be respected. A muslim restaurant owner or worker does not have to serve someone that wears a shirt with offensive art, while a shopping mall or digital public square such as Facebook or google who opens their facility as a public venue can not restrict one kind of public speech over another.

Our struggle is just and right. Our ways are peaceful, loving and inclusive of all races, ethnicity, colors, religions and cultures. Our methods are legal and transparent.

We believe in a servant government that protects and serves the collective needs of the population and who will guarantee liberty and equality for all humans. We believe that most needs and services are better provided by the private sector. We believe that basic education and medical care should be supported by the government via medical and educational vouchers. This supports the economy, delivers better and more efficient services while preventing the bloating of the size of government and the costs of government workers and pensions that are not sustainable.

The currency issued by a sovereign nation must be controlled by that nation and backed by tangible assets. Gold Silver Iron Copper and other assets with world demand shall be sequestered to justify the physical or digital currency of a nation. Fiat currency or bank notes shall not be the general currency and should only be issued by financial institutions for private debt and distribution.

Corporations have been left to dominate the all realms of society to the detriment of human rights, environmental protection, economic fairness and scientific advancement. Huge corporations are dominating all sectors of human society and have become our overlords.

We pledge to restrict the behemoth nature of large corporations to dominate the political space and manipulate our leaders by limiting their ability to lobby in the government and in the public space. Corporations should not have more power than individuals to affect government policy. Corporations shall be banned from advertising or spending on any political issue or candidate.
The current system that favors corporate over human rights and environmental protection does everything for the corporation and subjugates the human being to the will of the corporation. The corporations are poisoning our waters, genetically modifying our foods, limiting our speech and controlling our elections and leaders, all the while hoarding and removing wealth from the country in exchange for their fiat currency.
Corporations should have limited public stock exposure, this will limit the ability of bad actors to manipulate the entire economy into a depression via stock market collapse. Critical infrastructure and public information outlets must not be owned by a small handful of companies who collude together in an effective monopoly.


We believe in informed consent and are against the widespread distribution of any experimental treatment, injectable or implantable material that has not been widely tested for safety and efficacy with proper protocols and with its long term effects known prior to making it available to the general public by the government. Experimental treatments and devices should only be available to the public via their medical practitioner and only to be offered after full consent as stated in the Nuremberg codes.

We pledge to hold harmless and medically care for people who have taken the injection and been physically harmed or will become physically harmed as a result.

Nobody has the right to terminate the life of another human being inside or outside the womb except in self defense during war time or as adjudicated by law for the crime of murder By the testimony of two or three witnesses.

We believe in being good stewards of our environment and pledge to protect it from being polluted and we pledge to protect the plant and animal species from pollution, unchecked habitat destruction and from genetically modified organisms. We shall ban the research possession and dissemination of pathogens or genetically modified organisms.
We believe that 5G technology presents a threat to our human rights and health. We Pledge to ban 5G network infrastructure deployment. We believe, just as the development and distribution of the Covid injections” was rushed and experimental with widespread public injury, we believe the same factors are occurring with the 5G infrastructure development and distribution, which has been rushed without the long term effects to the public health being studied by each nation. Like the Covid Injection rollout in which all governments have the same answer to force it upon their citizens without knowing the effects is the same thing now being done with 5G in the face of massive scientific and public concerns which like the Covid injections are being silenced or not regarded by the authorities to the detriment of public health and safety.
We are against “the internet of things’ ‘ . This requires all things to have in them a tracker that can be energized by the 5G infrastructure. The ability to send high energy to everything on the planet in order to track it is a recipe for destruction of private ownership of property at best, slavery and targeted killings will be the result of this technology.

The desire by government leaders and corporations to put everything including animals and humans on the cloud to be tracked and manipulated by everything else is a nightmare that must be stopped. Rationing by government edict, more coercion and control of humanity by our public servants will be the result of the “internet of things” which requires in your face ground level high energy beams shooting all around us and into our clothing and every object we have. The result of 5G will be to control, manipulate and enslave us.

We believe that the “Covid Injections” are potentially a binary weapon that when combined with a 5G energy beam can kill those who have received it. The injections by Pizer and other companies have been tested by a reputable university and have been found to contain in them graphene which if energized by a high intensity 5G beam, will have the power to track and to make very ill or kill those who have received the injection.

Everyone who has received the so-called “vaccines” are in potential danger from a 5G rollout. We will protect them by preventing this technology and skipping to a safer low energy 6G technology. 5G does not make sense from a scientific, economic or health perspective. Scientifically there are safer lower energy frequencies that can be used to achieve the same thing. Economically, 5G networks require low level line of sight positioning which means you need to build millions of them everywhere. Unhealthy because they are at your head level and are beaming high intensity energy at you and through you and all around you all the time. Manipulative and controlling because they can be used as a targeted energy weapon against government dissidents.

In addition to the rights and pledges enumerated here, we also pledge to uphold the United States Bill of Rights

We believe in the traditional family and recognize marriage as defined between a natural born man and woman and pledge to support and recognize by law a traditional family only.

We believe in the equality of Men and Women and we pledge to protect the rights of women from men who seek to enter women’s restrooms and women only zones and who seek to uproot women from culture and sports because they had an operation, take drugs, wear women’s clothing and or identify as female.

We recognize two genders, that being a born Male and a born Female, and we pledge to abolish laws that grant special rights and public funds for any sexual behavior or sexual orientation other than traditional marriage. We pledge to ban access to our children at publicly funded schools by actors and information that teaches any sexual orientation or information that counters the traditional definition of marriage.

We believe in all of the rights endowed to humans by our creator, especially the right to be the dominant species on the planet earth. We affirm the right to remain a natural human and reject any special rights for augmented or transhuman entities.