PAPA Principals



PAPA is a Pan African Political Alliance that will include all of the local indigenous people with respect for their Chiefs kings Tribes Cultures and ways. This movement will sweep the continent and the world with these principles and pledges of liberty, respect, equality, local governance and the sharing of resources by the local indigenous populations and the exposure and cessation of the perpetrators of exploitation, death, corruption and instability.

Humanity has awoken to the nightmare that many of our leaders world-wide are conspiring together to take away our freedoms. By way of Medical tyranny and other guises they have colluded together via corruption, ignorance, gross negligence and criminal conspiracy to systematically take away all of our most basic rights. Millions have died worldwide as a result and hundreds of millions more have lost their jobs and the ability to feed their families. 

Our leaders across the world have colluded together and wrecked the world economy costing the world tens of trillions of dollars. We are not afraid of COVID we are angry at the response of our leaders using a false PCR test to scare the public with lies and to force them to be locked up, costing many their livelihoods. The cost to the children in lost education and socialization is immeasurably negative.

Furthermore, they have colluded together to inject their people with an injection of which they do not know the ingredients and which has been falsely and illegally labeled a vaccine and is known to contain graphene, a highly toxic substance which causes blood clots and makes the human target trackable online. The result will be that whoever survives will become their slaves.

It has become very clear that our leaders and the corporate mainstream media seeks to divide us by race, colour gender class and in every way possible. 

The time has arrived for a movement to Unite and lift humanity Upwards. Upwards is a Peoples political movement to restore human liberty and dignity world wide. 

Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world, blessed with the greatest treasures that the world has to offer and rather than making Africans prosperous, it has made us a target for exploitation and annihilation.

Africa, while it is a continent, is often referred to as a country because we are one people and we respect the land from which we came. We are blessed with the richest continent on the planet, and while we have the most gold we have no money, we have the longest river in the world and no drinking water in our homes. We have the largest arable lands in the world and our families are starving. 

Only as one continent, and one people united for Freedom, equality and respect shall we be able to end the injustice by the world committed against Africa.

Our struggle is just and right. Our ways are peaceful, loving and inclusive of all races, ethnicity, colors, religions and cultures. Our methods are legal and transparent. Together as pan African Patriots united we will stand victorious against a corrupt world system that seeks to kill the African people with the white man’s poison injection and the destruction of African food with the white man’s abominations of genetically modified plants and animals. 

Africa contains the largest mineral deposits of any continent in the world. This wealth has been used to power and fuel the entire world except for Africa itself, rather her people have suffered generations of war misery and instability perpetrated by outside robber barons who come to steal Africa’s resources, pollute her environment and enslave her people. As one continent as one people as one and African peoples alliance we Will have The power and authority needed to end this cycle of exploitation and restore respect to the African continent and people.

Join Us

Papa invites all people from all countries of all backgrounds, cultures and political persuasions to rise up with us in a world movement that will bring justice to Africa, freedom to humanity and self respect for being part of the solution to end the generations of injustice against the people of Africa. Africa will lead the world to freedom and we ask that the world who supports us will stand with us no matter where you are and become a pan African patriot and become a human patriot.